Utheselaer is a remote mythical island located in the far north eastern corner of the world, in the Void Ocean. No maps exist for this land, as no one has actually ever reached this land by sea or air. It is rumored however, that guilds of advanced spellcasters, as well as the Dimensionalists have teleported to the mysterious land, but no one can say for certain whether it was Utheselaer that they had arrived on, or some other distant uncharted land.

Theoretical Geography and ClimateEdit

This mysterious island is thought to reside in the northeastern part of the Void Ocean, surrounded by an impenetrable storm encircling the entire island. The source of this storm is unknown. Explorers have travelled north to this area of the ocean, only to have to turn around as a result of severe winds and mist. Several travellers have reported seeing a dark foreboding land mass buried deep within the swirling cyclone.