The Island Realm of Sundar (most often referred to as simply "Sundar") is a large volcanic island located about 80 leagues off the northeastern coast of the Land of the Sun. Despite its relative proximity to The Land of the Sun, the island is rather isolated from the rest of the world, particularly as a result of its location within the deadly waters of the New Sea. Across the sea, on the continent of Lenndra, lies the vast searing deserts of Ameris. It is also rumored that far to the northeast of the island, within the Void Ocean, lies the mysterious and isolated island of Utheselaer, however no one has ever set foot there, or at least returned to describe it.

Only one major city can be found on Sundar: The City-State of Senesia. Located at the peak of the Island's mountain, the city was built inside the cone of the dead volcano, and consists of several layers circling around the circumference of the hollowed out mountain. Each layer is home to a separate caste, ranging from the lower peasants who reside on the lowest layer, to the palaces and spires of the high lords and nobility on the highest circle.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Because of its relative location to the lands of Ameris, Sundar has a rather warm, sub-tropical year-round climate. Heavy rains often bombard the island during the winter months, while searing heat and humidity are common throughout the summer. The variation in temperature between the winter and summer seasons is quite low.

The island is separated into 4 primary regions: Senesia, Aiadar, Mavaron's Gardens, and the remote Eastland Marsh.


The region of Senesia encompasses the volcanic mound within the center of the island, with remote villages and farms dotting the base and slopes of the mountain, and of course, the city of Senesia occupying the peak region.


Aiadar is a heavily forested region, located on the eastern side of Sundar. It is the present day home of the ancient and mythical race: the Porallia. The slopes on the side of the cliffs facing west into the New Sea serve as an escape route off of the island should the humans in Senesia decide to wage conflict upon the Porallia; They would be able to gain enough speed to catch flight and travel back to mainland.