Attria is a realm located in the southeast corner of the Land of Rora. It is bordered by the Island Realms of Trytta to the south east, Meddlane to the north east, Araelyon to the north, and the World Ocean to the west. It is the most densely populated as well as the most technologically advanced location throughout the entire world. Seat of Rora, the realm's largest city, is also the world's largest city.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Attria encompasses a large area, but due to its location, experiences a subtropical climate throughout the coastal and lowland regions, while the northernmost reaches of the realm are temperate (seasonal).

The Roran Mountains play a great role in regional precipitation and climate throughout the realm. Lands to the west of the Roran Mountains are more arid and receive a rare amount of precipitation, while lands to the north east and east experience a greater amount.