Ameris is a vast area of land in the northwest edge of the Land of the Sun. It is bordered by the realm of Graguris to the southwest (past the mountains of the Wall of Temperance) and the southeast, the Island Realm of Sundar to the northeast. An expansive desert encompasses the majoriy of this area, from the Wall of Temperance in the south, and extending north to the coast of the New Sea.

The south east section of Ameris is not desert, and is the only inhabitable region, with river towns and nomadic encampments occupying the banks of the River of Armis. The river forms a sort of oasis, providing cultivable land in contrast to the swallowing desert which surrounds this region.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Because of Ameris's close proximity to the God Lands, it experiences uniformly high temperatures throughout the year. The Northern Wastes occupy a majority of the land area of Ameris, from the southern border of Wall of Temperance, and expanding north. Many ruined cities and lost civilizations can be found drowned throughout the wastes, most notably the ancient city-states of Ameris and Ax'xaran, with the City-State of Ameris being the namesake of this region.